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Potency Testing in Baked goods, Candies, Beverages, and Topicals...who said that it had to be painful??!!

Finally, something that works! Find out how to get great testing results when quantifying cannabinoids in edibles. In this podcast, we will share simple extraction procedures to generate cleaner samples with the very best accuracy. If you are tired of clogging your LC columns and getting strange results, this podcast is for you.

The Answer is Digitization — What are the Questions OR How to Hit Two Birds with One Stone.

Aimed at GMP-regulated laboratories, this podcast discusses the regulatory and business drivers for digitizing analytical processes, how they go hand in hand, and some practical aspects on how to approach such a journey. The business benefits of improving laboratory efficiency by releasing product earlier, and technical controls to ensure regulatory compliance, should easily justify automation projects. It is crucial to automate now under your own timeline rather than be forced by regulatory citations.

What Happened to my Peaks? The Importance of Data Quality in Cannabis Testing

Poor quality data can negatively impact a lab’s reputation and its bottom line. Jodi McDonald, President of Keystone Labs, applied her pharmaceutical GMP learnings to the challenges of cannabis testing. Gain from her experience as she shares tips to ensure the quality of cannabis from sample collection to analysis.