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maXis High Resolution LC–MS Makes the Most of Ultrafast LC Separations

An ultrafast gradient LC separation method was developed to separate a 5-component drug mixture in 30 seconds, with peak widths of 1 second. maXis mass accuracy at sub-ppm levels and true isotopic pattern of the spectra from the peaks lead to a confident elemental formula assignment for each drug compound with the SmartFormula algorithm.

De Novo Formula Generation with "Sub-ppm" Confidence using Compass OpenAccess and the micrOTOF

Accurate mass measurements are a key element of chemical characterization. However, the accepted mass accuracy tolerance of 3–5 ppm can still leave significant ambiguity in the proposed chemical formula. Consequently a further input from other analytical techniques such as NMR or MS/MS, along with some judgment based on the synthetic history is often required to arrive at a confident formula assignment.