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GC: The State of the Art

In this extended special feature to celebrate the 30th anniversary edition of LCGC Europe, leading figures from the separation science community explore contemporary trends in separation science and identify possible future developments. We asked key opinion leaders in the field to discuss the current state of the art in gas chromatography instruments.

Improving GC Performance Systematically

Gas chromatographers can control several variables that affect their separations: carrier-gas flow, column temperature, column dimensions, and stationary phase chemistry. When faced with less than optimum resolution or separation speed, a strategy of changing just one variable at a time can be more productive than trying to hit the goal in one attempt. This month's GC Connections examines how to use such a plan to obtain better GC results.

Flow, Pressure and Temperature Calibration, Part I

In this first of a two-part series, John Hinshaw discusses the relative effects that inlet pressures and oven temperatures have on capillary gas chromatography.