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Analysis of VOCs in Air Using Hydrogen Carrier Gas

Demonstrating how a Markes Multi-Gas TD can operate with hydrogen carrier gas as well as it does with helium to meet all the criteria cited in US EPA Method TO-17

Analysis of Fragranced Consumer Products Using TD–GC–MS 

The complementary roles of dynamic headspace and sorptive extraction in the analysis of fragranced consumer products using TD–GC–MS 

Analysis of VOC Emissions from Automotive Interiors – VDA278

Analysis of VOC and FOG emissions from automotive interior materials by direct desorption TD–GC–MS in accordance with VDA 278

Addressing the Challenges of Microplastic Characterization Using Thermal Desorption

An application note demonstrating the quantitative analysis of microplastics using direct thermal desorption (TD) combined with GC–MS