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Atorvastatin Analysis Using Quasar AQ HPLC Column

Good retention and peak shape for Atorvastatin is observed on Quasar AQ phase in this application.

Rapid Identification of Illicit Drug Substances Using a Portable GC–MS System

The separation and identification of 16 common drug substances is possible in the field using a combination of a portable GC/MS in under 10 min.

HPLC Analysis of Naproxen Using SPP Column Technology

The Quasar SPP C18 HPLC phase offers high efficiency separation of the anti-inflammatory drug, naproxen.

In-Field Screening for Fentanyl Analogs Using CME and Portable GC–MS

Fentanyl, acetyl fentanyl, carfentanil, and heroin were collected and identified using CME syringes with our portable GC–MS in drug screening scenarios.