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Zebron ZB-PAH-EU and ZB-PAH-CT GC Columns Guide

Achieving up to 70% faster GC PAH analysis. The Zebron ZB-PAH-EU and ZB-PAH-CT enable targeted selectivity for PAHs in food, the environment, electronics, and fuel.

Faster Analysis of 18 Phthalates by GC-MS using Zebron™ ZB-PAH-CT GC Column

In this application we learn how ZB-PAH-CT provides a faster Phthalates analysis comapred to other GC column

Reproducible Dioxin Analysis of Fly Ash and Soil Samples Using Zebron™ ZB-Dioxin GC Columns

In this application we looked at the improved Dioxin analysis in Enviro matrix

Better Separations for PCDD/PCDF with Zebron Columns

In this application, we look at the improved separation and run time for PCDD and PCDF.