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Separation of Solifenacin Succinate Stereoisomers per USP Monograph Using Chiral Separation

Stereoisomeric separation between solifenacin succinate and its stereoisomers occurs using the Lux® 5 µm Amylose-1 Column according to the USP monograph.

Meeting and Surpassing System Suitability for USP Sildenafil Citrate Assay

Sildenafil citrate assay and organic impurities are identified as in the US Pharmacopeia (USP) monograph with both core-shell and fully porous C18 HPLC columns.

Chiral Purity Testing of the Drug Substance Rivaroxaban Using a Chiral Column as per USP Monograph

The successful enantiomeric separation is demonstrated between rivaroxaban and its enantiomer impurity, R enantiomer, using the Lux® 5 µm Cellulose-1 Chiral HPLC column.

Ph. Eur. Monograph 2737: Zolmitriptan Enantiomeric Purity Separation

Efficient separation of zolmitriptan from its enantiomeric Impurity A according to Ph. Eur. monograph 273 using a chiral LC column