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Chromatography Forum of the Delaware Valley Dal Nogare Award

The 2017 Chromatography Forum of the Delaware Valley Dal Nogare Award will be presented Monday morning at Pittcon 2018 to Professor Robert Kennedy from the University of Michigan. The award will be presented by Mary Ellen McNally of EI DuPont de Nemours and Company.

Separation Sciences

The first presentation in this Tuesday morning session will be given by Tadeusz Gorecki of the University of Waterloo and is titled “Comprehensive Multidimensional Separations: Can They Get Better?” Gorecki will discuss both GCxGC and LCxLC separations and will present examples of both approaches.

Woven with Color: Chromatographic and Spectroscopic Analysis of Dyes in Museum Textiles

This Wednesday afternoon session was organized by Gregory D. Smith of the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields and covers the latest chromatographic, mass spectrometric, and spectroscopic methods of analyzing natural and synthetic dyes in museum textiles to determine the dye sources, technology, history, and condition of these artifacts.

Food Safety — Sensors, GC/MS, and Others

This Tuesday afternoon session opens with a presentation by Joan Stevens of Agilent Technologies, titled “Multiresidue Analysis of Pesticides in Cannabis-Infused Oil and Edibles by Various Extractions and Enhanced Matrix Removal Lipid Cleanup.” Stevens will discuss a method for selectively removing lipids from cannabis-infused food products for the analysis of pesticides.