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Non-Targeted Screening for Environmental Water Quality Monitoring

What you will learn: - New workflow aims to ameliorate the difficulties of water analysis - Incorporates risk assessments/cheminformatics to prioritize suspect chemicals - Strategy increases confidence in the results.

Gas Chromatography Tips & Tricks

Is your gas chromatography system functioning as well as it could be? Are you taking advantage of the latest innovations in this analytical technique? In this ebook, experts explore troubleshooting tools and resources for GC users.

Analytical Methods to Characterize and Quantify PEG and PEGylated Biopharmaceuticals

Biotherapeutic peptides and proteins are often PEGylated (covalently bonded to polyethylene glycol polymers) to improve bioavailability, reduce immunogenicity, and extend circulating half-life (1). Achieving the desired properties for each application depends on optimizing the number and site of polymers attached, chain length, and the degree of chain branching.