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Current Trends in Food Analysis

In recent years, food analysis has blossomed out from a singular focus on food safety to a studies of a wide array of questions such as the authentication of food origin and the nutritional aspects of natural food compounds. In this new e-book, we explore some current trends in food analysis and also provide some concrete advice for preparing food samples for analysis.

Technological Developments in Ion Chromatography

In this Q&A, we will talk to Dr. Arthur Fitchett, Director of Sales Training at Thermo Fisher Scientific. We will discuss recent advances in ion chromatography technology, what they mean for different types of IC analyses, and how they can improve results in your laboratory.

Pushing the Boundaries of Proteomics With the New Orbitrap Tribrid Mass Spectrometer

Dr. Graeme McAlister of Thermo Fisher Scientific will discuss the advances in Orbitrap Tribrid Mass Spectrometry technology with the launch of the new Thermo ScientificTM Orbitrap FusionTM LumosTM TribridTM Mass Spectrometer. Graeme will also touch on how these advances have impacted and will continue to impact proteomics with respect to quantitation, accuracy, throughput, etc.

HRMS in Clinical Research from Targeted Quantitation to Metabolomics

In this webinar, we will discuss the use of new, affordable HRMS instruments in quantitative clinical research analyses, demonstrating the sensitivity and selectivity of these instruments for this work. Examples of clinical research quantification work in HR full scan or MS-MS mode will be presented and compared with results from triple-quadrupole-MS. We will also discuss an example of Qual/Quan analysis in a study of the fate of an anti-cancer agent in humans, where over 40 metabolites were identified and quantified. We will also show metabolomics data underscoring the versatility of HRMS instruments.