Special Issues-03-01-2013

Special Issues

The update to the SANCO guidelines in 2009 recognized the power and potential of TOF mass spectrometry for pesticide screening applications.

The detection limit, analytical precision, dynamic range, and robustness of a method for the targeted quantification of peptides using a capillary-flow LC–MS system were evaluated by spiking known amounts of isotopically labeled yeast peptides into a 500-ng yeast digest matrix.

An application of MALDI-MS in qualitative and quantitative analysis of pharmaceutical compounds spiked in urine is demonstrated.

A carefully chosen analytical technique can enhance the inherent advantages of passive sampling of watercourses over more traditional "grab" or "spot" sampling.

The application of high-resolution TOF-MS to petroleomics is presented, and the basic theory of each type of ultrahigh-resolution mass spectral platform is briefly explained.

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