Special Issues-03-01-2016

An LC–MS-MS method is presented that can assist with monitoring substance abuse patients who are prescribed naltrexone, a narcotic antagonist.

This article presents a step-by-step DoE optimization strategy for an electrospray ionization source with the aim to quantitatively analyze 18 compounds in a metabolomic study of human urine.

Enhanced chromatographic resolution (GC×GC), increased resolving power with high-resolution TOF-MS, and software designed to leverage these attributes are combined to provide data that are easy to process and interpret.

Special Issues

The sensitive, selective, and real-time analysis characteristic of the SIFT-MS technique provides simple, robust, and continuous analysis of extremely diverse odor compounds at trace levels in air. This application note illustrates instantaneous, broad spectrum odor analysis with monitoring data from a chicken meat production facility.

This article provides useful tips for smooth validation of multi-analyte LC–MS-MS methods and summarizes important validation outcomes for 295 analytes, including more than 200 mycotoxins.

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