Special Issues-03-01-2019

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In plant metabolomics, molecular fingerprints and additional molecular descriptors can be identified using recent developments in polarity-extended separations with serial coupling of reversed-phase LC and HILIC combined with ESI-TOF-MS.

A new high-throughput LC–MS/MS method meets the challenge of eliminating matrix effects for monitoring, with high specificity, polar organic pesticides such as glyphosate in food and water, while meeting targeted limits of detection.

Special Issues
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March 01, 2019

Forensic scientists often encounter highly complex analytical problems related to crime scenes that would benefit from the capabilities of GC×GC–MS. However, this technique has not been fully explored to help benefit forensic laboratories.

Data-independent acquisition (DIA) makes it possible to re-interrogate data from earlier analyses to determine if new compounds have appeared in a sample previously analyzed. In this interview, Craig Wheelock of the Karolinska Institute discusses the use of DIA in metabolomics.