Special Issues-04-01-2012

A brief review of the physicochemical properties of core–shell particles and their chromatographic efficiencies compared with those of sub-2-µm fully porous particles

How ethylene-bridged hybrid inorganic–organic (BEH) particles are prepared and how their special qualities can be used to improve separations

Special Issues

A discussion of new column packing materials - including sub-2-µm particles, superficially porous particles, and second-generation monoliths - and their impact on instrumentation and laboratory productivity

The fundamentals of size-exclusion chromatography, packing properties, and practical approaches for increasing resolution

update on some of the latest chiral stationary phases and their use in various separation modes

Some of the newer hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) columns are reviewed, and experiments performed to categorize columns for optimized separations are described.

Monolithic columns feature both high column efficiency and high column permeability. This article discusses their preparation, applications, and future prospects.

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