Special Issues-04-01-2013

Computer-based methods can simulate separations for a wide variety of analytes, columns, and eluents.

The authors present the most common and fundamental techniques that address common matrix issues and discuss the critical chemistry considerations.

A summary of the latest in new ion-exchange phases for ion chromatography, with a focus on general aspects of phase design and then a review of anion-exchange and cation-exchange columns introduced in the past few years

Special Issues

A brief introduction to this special supplement by Guest Editor Ron Majors

Special Issues

A look at the current status of detection in ion chromatography, focusing on the most popular detectors in IC: the conductivity detector and the charge detector

The speed of IC has been limited by pressure and flow limits of the hardware. Recent advances are enabling faster IC separations.

Special Issues

From the invention of eluent suppression to today's "just add water" concept, pivotal developments over the last 40 years are chronologically highlighted from a chemical and instrumental viewpoint.

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