Special Issues-04-01-2014

Chromatography has taken a prominent place in the characterization and analysis of protein therapeutic drugs and today it plays a critical role in the biotechnology laboratory.

Special Issues

An examination of the development of new types of columns based on different particle types, sizes, and other physical characteristics and how they can improve the speed and efficiency of HPLC used to support more expansive and complicated analyses

A review of chiral separations, which remain a decided area of interest, particularly in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical fields

Special Issues

A brief introduction to the articles presented in this supplement

Controlling particle size distribution is examined as a possible route to further improve the performance of particle-based columns.

A review of LC methods and strategies for the chromatographic separation of short RNA oligonucleotides

Size-exclusion chromatography is an important technique in biopharmaceutical characterization. This article discusses its use for soluble aggregation analysis and quantitation.

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