Special Issues-05-01-2011

Special Issues

A preview of the this year's ASMS Conference, taking place June 5–9 in Denver, Colorado.

Gas chromatography combined with atmospheric-pressure chemical ionization (APCI) was used to analyze high-molecular-weight phthalates.

Signal-to-noise of a chromatographic peak from a single measurement has been used determine the performance of two different MS systems, but this parameter can no longer be universally applied and often fails to provide meaningful estimates of the instrument detection limits (IDL).

Special Issues

The different aspects of food metabolomics are described using tomato taste as an example.

The impact of speed of analysis and selectivity to the depth of coverage and accuracy of the analyses are discussed.

A single calibration curve run with staggered calibrants bracketing the unknowns is compared to running complete duplicate calibration curves, one at the beginning and one at the end of unknown sample analysis in an effort to accelerate discovery bioanalysis.

A newly developed high-throughput method for the quantitation of vitamin D using both multiplexed LC and on-line SPE is discussed.

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