Special Issues-05-01-2019

Special Issues May 2019
Special Issues

May 01, 2019

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In this study of pesticides in spinach extract, the use of GC×GC–TOF-MS is demonstrated as a methodology to overcome matrix interferences and quickly quantify suspected contaminants. The approach also allows nontargeted analysis using a single sample injection.

For lurasidone treatment adherence testing, an untargeted high-resolution mass spectrometry method was employed, using known positive human urine samples to identify the lurasidone metabolites and their relative abundance in urine.

A novel mass spectrometry-based flavonoid profiling workflow is applied to characterize and structurally annotate a large number of unknown flavonoids in fruit juice and vegetable juice samples.

We present a brief preview of this year’s ASMS conference, taking place June 2–6, 2019, in Atlanta, Georgia.