Special Issues-06-01-2018

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Special Issues
From the Guest Editor

June 01, 2018

An introduction to this special issue from the guest editor.

The packed particle bed format still rules LC columns, but advances continue in monoliths. Meanwhile, newer formats are on the horizon, including microfabricated columns and 3D printed columns. This article provides a critical review of all these technologies and demonstrates how further development of chromatographic columns will be of paramount importance in the future.

Thermal effects in UHPLC and low-density SFC cause peak broadening and distortion. A solution to this problem is to thermally insulate the chromatographic column. Vacuum-jacketed column technology has been developed as a new approach to insulate the column in a practical way.

In this study, we compare the performance of plastic and metal materials in UHPLC columns designed for the analysis of biological molecules. We evaluate the performance of these materials in terms of inertness, column chromatographic performance, and reproducibility.

This article highlights the use of a new HILIC zwitterionic phase on superficially porous particles. A study on the use of a novel mobile-phase additive to achieve superior peak shape and isomer separation is also discussed, as well as improved LC–MS detection capabilities for metabolomics analysis.

Liquid chromatography (LC) is proving to be a valuable complementary technique to gas chromatography (GC) in cannabis testing for the analysis of cannabinoids, mycotoxins, and pesticides.