Special Issues-09-02-2014

This article discusses the liquid chromatography instrumentation (columns, mobile phases, and detectors) that can be applied to determine different carbohydrates in human food and animal feeds.

Special Issues

A review of the analytical methods available to chromatographers for the determination of sources of off-flavours and food taints.

A novel system for fully automated comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography is presented.

Edible oils and fats are complex mixtures of compounds. This article describes the role of normal-phase liquid chromatography as a generic sample pretreatment tool prior to detailed gas chromatography (GC) analysis.

Special Issues

Food provides the body with energy, and good food is indispensable for a healthy life. With a worldwide population of over seven billion people, it is clear that state-of-the art technology is needed to provide food of a sufficient high quality.

Advances in nano-ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (nUHPLC) and micro–UHPLC (?UHPLC) are described and evaluated, with reference to the analysis of veterinary drugs and steroids in porcine meat and urine, respectively.

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