Special Issues-10-02-2016

This MS-based method represents a simple, fast, and attractive alternative to current immunoassay-based methods for the quantitation of albumin and creatinine in urine. This protocol enables the direct detection and measurement of the intact analytes from the same sample preparation, requiring only a 10-fold dilution of a urine sample into a MALDI-TOF matrix solution.

A gas chromatography–time-of-flight mass spectrometry method was developed to screen for and quantify regulated allergens in approximately 5 min. This method used a short and narrow chromatographic column along with mathematical deconvolution of the TOF-MS data to separate the target allergens from each other in the standards and from matrix interference in samples.

This study demonstrates that GC–TOF-MS can be a useful approach to generate comprehensive fragrance profiles of essential oils. Peak deconvolution enables discrimination between closely eluted compounds, and soft electron ionization, assisted by comparison of ion ratios, makes it possible to discriminate between isomeric monoterpenes with very similar mass spectra at conventional 70-eV ionization energies.

This application note details a GC-MS-based analytical method for the qualitative and quantitative determination of Irganox 1076 and 1010 in polyethylene.

Pain management LC analyses can be difficult to optimize due to the limited selectivity of C18 and phenyl-hexyl phases. In contrast, the selectivity of Raptor Biphenyl superficially porous particle (SPP) LC columns provides complete resolution of isobaric pain medications with a total cycle time of 5 min.

The power of nontargeted metabolite profiling is illustrated in a study focused on the determination of molecular markers in malting barley that are predictive of desirable malting quality for brewing applications. The metabolite extraction, detection, and analysis methods are high throughput and reproducible, and therefore, this approach represents a practical addition to the plant breeder’s molecular toolbox.

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