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November 16, 2020
Agilent Technologies

One-stop solution for Hand Sanitizer and Face Mask Analysis

All You Need to Know About Hand Sanitizer and Face Mask Analysis Video
It has never been so essential to ensure the quality of hand sanitizers and face masks you are manufacturing and the raw material required. With the increasing demand for supply and testing of these products, regulatory agencies across the world have developed methods to ensure safety. Agilent is here with a one-stop solution. Watch this video to learn more.

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Analysis of Alcohol Levels in Hand Sanitizer
This flyer provides answers in the lab or in the field with Agilent FTIR instrumentation.

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Analysis of Nonmedical Masks
This flyer identifies materials, pore sizes and layer structure using FTIR or LDIR.
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Hand Sanitizer Analysis Using the Agilent 8860 GC Configured with a Flame Ionization Detector
This application note describes the analysis of ethanol- and isopropanol- based hand sanitizer using Agilent 8860 GC configured with a flame ionization detector and DB-WAX inert column.

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Analysis of Ethanol and Isopropanol in Alcohol based hand sanitizers by direct injection GC/FID
This poster describes a GC method for analysis of isopranol and ethanol in alcohol-based hand sanitizers with Ultra Inert GC columns.

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Quality Control of Hand Sanitizers: Analysis and Identification of Listed Impurities following USP <611> and ASTM D3695 Method Recommendations using Agilent GC On-demand Webinar
Are the compounds in the hand sanitizer what they are supposed to be? This webinar will show you how to use GC techniques to help make quality control on the key components in hand sanitizer.

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