ISOLUTE® Myco SPE columns

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ISOLUTE? Myco SPE columns are a designed for ?catch and release? style clean-up of mycotoxins prior to analysis by LC-MS/MS. The ISOLUTE Myco sorbent is a proprietary polymeric phase (patent pending) optimized to enable the extraction of a wide range of mycotoxins from a wide range of foodstuffs.

ISOLUTE® Myco SPE columns, are a new product from Biotage for the extraction and clean-up of mycotoxins from food matrices, for analysis by LC-MS/MS.

The ISOLUTE® Myco sorbent is a proprietary polymeric phase (patent pending) optimized for the extraction of a broad spectrum of mycotoxins from a wide range of foodstuffs; enabling chemists to utilize a single SPE product to extract all relevant mycotoxins from an individual foodstuff. Using a single, easy to use sample preparation product, along with optimized matrix specific application notes, scientists can prepare diverse samples for analysis by LC-MS/MS.

ISOLUTE® Myco SPE columns have been developed for use together with LC-MS/MS analysis, their selective clean up enables robust, reliable quantitation of mycotoxins without compromising analytical data quality. The coupling of a dedicated polymer based sorbent with LC-MS/MS analysis saves both time and money as more samples can be processed each day. The tabless 3 mL format of the ISOLUTE® Myco columns is suitable for a variety of processing equipment including vacuum manifolds, positive pressure manifolds and automated SPE workstations.

ISOLUTE® Myco SPE columns are a real step forward in mycotoxin sample preparation, enabling scientists to fully exploit the advantages of higher productivity and highly selective LC-MS/MS.

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