LCGC Lifetime Achievement in Chromatography Award and LCGC Emerging Leader in Chromatography Award

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This afternoon award session, organized by LCGC and hosted by Laura Bush, Editorial Director, LCGC & Spectroscopy, honors the 2023 LCGC award winners. The 2023 Lifetime Achievement awardee, Peter Schoenmakers, is a pre-eminent contributor to the development of two-dimensional liquid chromatography (2D-LC), who has also taken on the challenge of three-dimensional liquid chromatography (3D-LC). He is well known for advancing large-molecule separations, particularly polymers, as well as the theory of gradient elution in reversed-phase chromatography and its optimization. The 2023 Emerging Leader, Emanuela Gionfriddo of The University of Toledo, focuses on developing advanced analytical separation tools for the analysis of complex biological and environmental samples using alternative green extraction methodologies. The session will be held in America/Toronto, Room 125.

At 1:30 pm, Laura Bush, Editorial Director of LCGC & Spectroscopy,will present the 2023 LCGC Lifetime Achievement in Chromatography Award to Prof. Peter Schoenmakers of the University of Amsterdam.

At 1:35 pm, Peter Schoenmakers of the University of Amsterdam will give his award presentation on the many challenges he has experienced in researching and developing methods for liquid chromatography. His talk will present some history on how LC has developed, but more importantly will look forward to the challenges in LC that lie ahead. In particular, his talk will address smart approaches to draw meaningful conclusions from the large amounts of data generated from non-target analysis.


Next at 2:10 pm, Bob Pirok of the University of Amsterdam will present his work on the challenges faced for automating 2D-LC. This presentation will discuss the scientific state-of-the-art related to achieving a chemometric method development tool that can be used by public and private organizations for automating the 2D-LC methods.

Beginning at 2:45 pm, Isabelle Kohler, of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam), will present detailed research on isomer-specific identification of new psychoactive substances (NPS) using trapped ion mobility mass spectrometry (TIMS-MS). These NPS are structural derivatives of conventional illicit drugs, which are designed to circumvent the law. This presentation describes a novel and fast workflow for high-confidence identification of NPS-related compounds using TIMS-MS.

At 3:20 pm the session will recess until 3:30 pm.

At 3:35 pm, Laura Bush, Laura Bush, Editorial Director of LCGC & Spectroscopy, will present the 2023 LCGC Emerging Leader in Chromatography Award to Emanuela Gionfriddo of the University of Toledo.

At 3:40 pm, Emanuela Gionfriddo of the University of Toledo will present her award presentation on microseparations coupled to chromatographic techniques to unveil potential exposure pathways to environmental contaminants. This presentation will discuss strategies developed in the Gionfriddo’s research group to selectively isolate, preconcentrate and separate micropollutants. This talk will focus on analysis of per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) and underivatized non-proteinogenic amino acids classified as cyanobacterial neurotoxins.

The final presentation of this awards session is at 4:15 pm when Jim Grinias of Rowan University will present his work to develop a capillary-scale parallel 2D-LC system. This talk will describe detailed efforts toward the development of a capillary-scale comprehensive 2D-LC platform involving unique electronics and instrument feature designs as well as 3D-printed components.

The session ends at 4:50 pm.