Dwight Stoll Receives EAS Young Investigator Award

Dec 05, 2017
Volume 13, Issue 17, pg 22

Dwight Stoll has been awarded the EAS Young Investigator Award at the recent Eastern Analytical Symposium held in Plainsboro, New Jersey on 15th November. Professor at Gustavus Adolphus College, Minnesota, USA, Stoll completed his undergraduate degrees at Minnesota State University, Mankato, receiving B.S. degrees in plant biology and biochemistry in 1999 and 2001. 

Taking a role in industry at Zir-Chrom Separations following his first graduation in 1999, Stoll gained an interest in separation science in the role and enrolled on the graduate programme in chemistry at the University of Minnesota. There he studied with Peter Carr and working on the development of fast, comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography, using the principles of high temperature and ultra-fast gradient elution liquid chromatography to improve the overall speed of two-dimensional separations. Shortly thereafter he received his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry in 2007.

In 2008, Stoll accepted a faculty position as assistant professor in the Chemistry Department at Gustavus Adolphus College and in 2014 he was promoted to associate professor.

His active research projects include the development of rapid multidimensional liquid chromatography for both targeted and untargeted analysis in samples of moderate to high complexity. Active research projects in his laboratory touch upon most aspects of multidimensional separation methods, including optimization of isocratic and gradient elution HPLC, characterization of selectivity in reversed-phase HPLC, instrument development, and applications in biopharmaceutical analysis.

Stoll is the author or co-author of 49 peer-reviewed publications and two book chapters in the area of separation science, and is a named co-inventor on four patents.

Stoll has also recently taken over the authorship of LCGC’s flagship column “LC Troubleshooting” from long-time author John Dolan. To read his articles please visit: http://www.chromatographyonline.com/lc-troubleshooting-326 ">http://www.chromatographyonline.com/lc-troubleshooting-326 


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