ChromSoc Lecturer Visits University of Sunderland

Dec 12, 2017
Volume 13, Issue 18, pg 7

The newly appointed Chromatographic Society Lecturer, Mel Euerby, visited the University of Sunderland in early November in the first official outing of the role. The position was set up to further the aims of the Society and increase awareness of the importance of chromatography in everyday life and across a wide range of industries. It is hoped that through this increased awareness young scientists will look towards the separation sciences for a career.

As well as delivering a well-received lecture, which focused heavily on the practical aspects of chromatography at the request of the University, Euerby also visited Sunderland’s analytical instrumentation teaching facility advising students on their liquid chromatography method development exercises and answering questions on the opportunities that studying chromatography offer.

Euerby’s next formal Chromatographic Society trip is to the University of Dundee and Galway University, however, the Chromatographic Society is currently organizing a range of future visits; if you would like to enquire for your own institute please contact the society by e-mail at [email protected]

If Mel Euerby is not available the Society has also drafted fellow members of the Executive Committee to help in this new endeavour.

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