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GC in Forensic Laboratories
Tom Brettell recently conducted a survey of GC column use in forensic laboratories in the United States. Here is what he found, in terms of the types of columns they are using and the problems they face.
Classification of Columns for SFC Use
A column classification system for SFC to help with method development has been developed. This article demonstrates how the system can be used to select a column when developing a new SFC method.
The Storage and Use of Gases for Gas Chromatography
A discussion on the safe storage and use of calibration, carrier, and detector gas cylinders for small or large organizations.
New Chromatography Columns and Accessories at Pittcon 2014, Part I
New product introductions in the areas of HPLC columns for reversed-phase LC, HILIC, ion-exchange and ion chromatography, SEC, and specialty columns for specific types of analyses are covered.
Metabolomics in Food and Nutrition Laboratories
A look at the various strategies and tools related to metabolomics applied to food and nutrition
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