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LCGC TV Video: Sample Preparation for Chromatographic Methods in Metabolomics: Advances in mass spectrometry instrumentation have opened up the field of metabolomics, but there are still issues with non-standardized sampling and sample preparation methods. Tuulia Hyötylainen from the Steno Diabetes Center in Denmark discusses sample preparation techniques performed in metabolomics, and gives a brief overview of what to consider when choosing a sample preparation technique.


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Column Watch | Ronald E. Majors: Ron Majors, established authority on new column technologies, keeps readers up-to-date with new sample preparation trends in all branches of chromatography and reviews developments. LATEST: Standardized Testing of Silica as a Base Material for Difficult Bonded-Phase Preparative Applications

Perspectives in Modern HPLC: Michael W. Dong is a senior scientist in Small Molecule Drug Discovery at Genentech in South San Francisco, California. He is responsible for new technologies, automation, and supporting late-stage research projects in small molecule analytical chemistry and QC of small molecule pharmaceutical sciences. LATEST: Seven Common Faux Pas in Modern HPLC

MS — The Practical Art: Kate Yu brings her expertise in the field of mass spectrometry and hyphenated techniques to the pages of LCGC. In this column she examines the mass spectrometric side of coupled liquid and gas-phase systems. Troubleshooting-style articles provide readers with invaluable advice for getting the most from their mass spectrometers. LATEST: Radical Mass Spectrometry as a New Frontier for Bioanalysis

LC Troubleshooting: LC Troubleshooting sets about making HPLC methods easier to master. By covering the basics of liquid chromatography separations and instrumentation, John Dolan is able to highlight common problems and provide remedies for them. LATEST: How Much Retention Time Variation Is Normal?

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Standardized Testing of Silica as a Base Material for Difficult Bonded-Phase Preparative Applications
Mechanical strength, acid and alkaline durability, loadability, and overload characteristics are a few of the parameters evaluated.
Analyzing Biological Fluids
Frederic Lynen discusses the possibilities of a HILIC-based SPE approach to remove phospholipids from blood samples, its applicability to other organic molecules, and how it benefits the chromatographer in practice.
Modern Mass Spectrometry in Protein Analysis
An overview of the analytical approaches used for the analysis of biomolecules
Expanding the Understanding of Mineral Oil Analysis
The Column spoke to Laura Barp of the University of Udine about her research into mineral oil migration in food packaging, the potential impact on human health, and the importance of pressurized-liquid extraction (PLE) in this project.
Tips & Tricks GPC/SEC: How to Test GPC/SEC Columns
Gel permeation chromatography/size-exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC) columns are at the heart of a GPC/SEC system. An easy test to determine the plate count, the peak symmetry, and the resolution of the columns is therefore an essential tool to ensure GPC/SEC system functionality.


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