Restek Wins Company of the Year

Oct 24, 2017
Volume 14, Issue 15, pg 6

Restek has been awarded company of the year by The Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter of the ESOP Association during its annual conference on 14 September 2017. 

Restek has previously won the award in 2007 with many Restek employees attending ESOP conferences throughout the years as session speakers.

Jeff Gelburd, ESOP Association Chapter President, said, “Employees at Restek are fully engaged in the ownership culture. They also have done wonderful work in advocacy both in Pennsylvania and in Washington D.C.”

“Restek is very deserving of this award and should be a top contender to win the national award at The ESOP Association meeting next May,” added Gelburd. An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is a business structure in which the employees of the company are also owners. Restek transitioned to 100% ESOP on 31 December 2008.

Bryan Wolcott, Restek President and Head Coach, said, “Restek is a family-oriented company that is owned by its employees. While our business is scientific, our culture is all about teamwork and taking care of our fellow employees so that we can better serve our customers and our community. We are honoured to be recognized by the ESOP Association and encouraged to continue serving others through our business, our charity, and our ESOP advocacy.”

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