To the Max: Eliminate Doubt with MaxPeak Premier Columns


To the Max Brochure: Eliminate Doubt with MaxPeak Premier Columns

Waters MaxPeak Premier Column Information Guide highlights the benefits in accuracy, speed, and reproducibility that separation scientists demand. Through this guide you’ll learn how MaxPeak Premier Columns empower scientists to have complete control over their separations, elevating their level of confidence without compromise. See more and do more with Waters MaxPeak Premier Columns!

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MaxPeak Premier | Non-Specific Adsorption - Infographic

Waters MaxPeak Premier Columns and Solutions dramatically reduce non-specific adsorption (NSA) with MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces, innovative technologies designed to reduce analyte loss due to analyte/surface interactions.

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MaxPeak Premier Columns with MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces Care and Use Manual

Waters MaxPeak Premier Columns enable scientists to have more control over their chromatographic separations with the inclusion of MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces (HPS). MaxPeak HPS are innovative technologies designed to increase analyte recovery, sensitivity, and reproducibility by minimizing analyte/surface interactions that can lead to sample losses. In MaxPeak Premier Columns, this technology mitigates the loss of metal sensitive analytes, such as lipids, organic acids, acidic peptides, oligonucleotides, or other compounds containing phosphate or carboxylate functionalities.

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