Capillary Electrophoresis

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Katarina Marakova of the Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Nuclear Pharmacy at Comenius University Bratislava. Photo Credit: © Katarina Marakova.
A Look at Capillary Zone Electrophoresis–Mass Spectrometry in Complex Biological Matrices: An Interview with Katarina Marakova

April 15th 2024

LCGC International sat down with Katarina Marakova to discuss her group’s work in top-down analysis of proteins using capillary zone electrophoresis–mass spectrometry (CZE–MS).

Female scientist in a white lab coat putting vial with a sample for an analysis on a gas chromatograph in biomedical lab | Image Credit: © BGStock72 -
Adjusting Column Length During Gas Chromatography

January 11th 2024

The circadian rhythms are controlled by circadian clocks or biological clock these clocks tell our brain when to sleep, tell our gut when to digest and control our activity in several day | Image Credit: © kanyanat -
Using Mass Spectrometry to Analyze Circadian Pacemaker Brain Synapses

November 2nd 2023

Generative AI - Abstract futuristic background symbolizing sustainability, showcasing eco-friendly practices and green innovation | Image Credit: © Ezio Gutzemberg -
The Paradox of Sustainability in Separation Science

September 8th 2023

Avram Iancu Square,Cluj-Napoca,Romania | Image Credit: © davidionut -
Event Preview: ISSS 2023

September 8th 2023

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