Podcast Series

Let’s Get Clinical

March 1st 2023

Join Joshua Hayden of Norton health discusses the current state of mass spectrometry and the challenges that lie ahead with various experts

How Liquid Chromatography is Pushing the Boundaries of Low-flow LC-MS Analysis

September 29th 2021

Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) is currently the most powerful tool available for quantitative and qualitative analysis of samples with a wide range of complexity. Although liquid chromatography technology plays an essential part in LC-MS analysis, it has often been overshadowed by advances in mass spectrometer performance and usability. In this series, we will uncover the crucial role of nano-, capillary-, and micro-low LC separations in proteomics and biopharma LC-MS applications.

"a"-Musings from the Cannabis Corner

June 21st 2021

Please join me, Anthony Macherone, Sr. Scientist and Cannabis Technical Lead for Agilent Technologies, for a six-part Podcast series.I will moderate conversations, anecdotes, and musings with my Agilent colleagues and industry leading guests about cannabis testing and regulations in the America’s and globally. This series is intended to be an open dialogue, light-hearted chat hopefully with a lot of banter. Topics and speakers will include Agilent partners from Lake Superior State University about hiring policies and expertise needed to run and manage a contemporary cannabis regulatory testing lab.I will sit down with “Cree Crawford, Co-founder and president of Ionization Labs (an Agilent partner) and Alex Andrawes, CEO of Ionization Labs to discuss their solution for potency testing. I will interview my good friend and Agilent colleague Sue D’Antonio about the good, bad, and the ugly of potency testing, In another episode, Agilent Application Scientists Craig Jones and Jenny Nelson will discuss metals testing using ICP-MS in the vast array of cannabis and cannabinoid products.Agilent Emerging Markets Business Manager Greg Kozadjian and Jodi McDonald of Keystone Labs will discuss the importance of quality results in cannabis testing labs.Finally, Agilent Application Scientists Christophe Deckers, and Jean-François (JF) Roy who will discuss solutions for potency testing in chocolates. Please join us if you can and add to the “a”-musings!