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Image Credit: © jamenpercy - stock.adobe.com
The 26th Norwegian Symposium on Chromatography

March 29th 2024

The 26th Norwegian Symposium on Chromatography was held 21–23 January 2024. The symposium has strong traditions in the Norwegian separation science community, serving as a forum for excellent scientific talks, networking, and social events.

Desiccant or silica gel in white paper packaging and spread on the wooden background. | Image Credit: © mahnoionline - stock.adobe.com
Adjustable Polyacrylamide Stationary Phases Enhance Separation Performance in Liquid Chromatography

June 12th 2023

Benzalkonium chloride biocide, molecular model | Image Credit: © molekuul.be - stock.adobe.com
Determining Benzalkonium Chloride in Pharmaceutical Formulations

June 7th 2023

Multi-colored liquid in the vials | Image Credit: © luchschenF - stock.adobe.com
Advancing Chromatography: Tailored Polyacrylamide Hydrophilic Stationary Phases with Adjustable Performance

June 2nd 2023

Robotic hand pressing a keyboard on a laptop 3D rendering | Image Credit: © sdecoret - stock.adobe.com
An Interview with AI About Its Potential Role in Separation Science

May 17th 2023

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