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Chinese traditional cuisine bacon on wooden table | Image Credit: © Govan - stock.adobe.com
Measuring Volatile Organic Compounds with GC in Chinese Bacon

July 11th 2024

Shaanxi University of Technology scientists recently used analytical techniques including gas chromatography to identify various volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in different types of Chinese bacon.

synthetic marijuana: laboratory technician holds samples of narcotic herbal medicines in hand | Image Credit: © BUSLIQ - stock.adobe.com
Synthetic Cannabinoids Degradation Studied Using GC–MS

June 28th 2024

Close up male hand holding a cigarette. | Image Credit: © Nopphon - stock.adobe.com
Microporous Membrane Solid Phase Extraction Tested for Detecting Carcinogens in Smoker Urine

June 25th 2024

Can container milk with cow milking facility and mechanized milking equipment in the milking hall | Image Credit: © thanapun - stock.adobe.com
Detecting Antihistamines in Milk Using UHPLC-QE HF HRMS

June 17th 2024

High detailed image of fresh cannabis cultivation | Image Credit: © The Allery - stock.adobe.com
GC–MS Used to Profile Cannabis Samples

June 17th 2024

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