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John Langley
Why is Open-Access Hyphenation Important for Chromatographers?

October 4th 2023

At HPLC 2023, John Langley, a professor at the University of Southampton in Southampton, UK, presented a talk called "(R)evolution of Hyphenations, Through Open-Access RP-HPLC–MS, Open-Access UHPSFC–MS and 2D-LC–IMS-MS in Academia". He spoke with LCGC on the importance of open-access hyphenation, and how to implement it in your research.

LC MS system. Liquid chromatography with qTOF mass detector. Chemical laboratory, clinical analysis | Image Credit: © vladim_ka -
2D-LC–MS Approaches for the Analysis of In-Process Samples and for the Characterization of mAbs in a Regulated Environment

October 1st 2023

Chengli Zu | Image Credit: © Chengli Zu
Scientists Test a New Process for Small Molecule Structure Elucidation

September 13th 2023

Avram Iancu Square,Cluj-Napoca,Romania | Image Credit: © davidionut -
Event Preview: ISSS 2023

September 8th 2023

Monochrome printing raster, abstract vector halftone background. | Image Credit: © aleksei_derin -
A Practical Understanding of Partition Coefficients

August 1st 2023

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