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Jonathan Shackman is a Scientific Director in the Chemical Process Development department at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) and is based in New Jersey, USA. He earned his two B.S. degrees at the University of Arizona and his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Michigan under the direction of Prof. Robert T. Kennedy. Prior to joining BMS, he held a National Research Council position at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and was a professor of chemistry at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. To date he has authored more than 40 manuscripts and two book chapters. He has presented more than 40 oral or poster presentations and holds one patent in the field of separation science. Jonathan has proudly served on the executive board of the ACS Subdivision on Chromatography and Separations Chemistry (SCSC) for three terms.
The LCGC Blog: Chromatographers and Chromatography Users Revisited

May 1st 2024

In this edition of "The LCGC Blog," Jonathan Shackman discusses the differences between chromatographers and chromatography users, as well as advancements that have made chromatography a more accessible field.

Glass of contaminated water on grey background | Image Credit: © Africa Studio -
Green Metrics for Analytical Methodologies Measured for Detecting Emerging Contaminants in Food and Water

April 3rd 2024

Silhouette of businessman holding target board on the top of mountain with over blue sky and sunlight. It is symbol of leadership successful achievement with goal and objective target. | Image Credit: © Dilok -
Splitless Injections: Resolving Target Compounds from the Solvent

December 5th 2023

Soil or dirt crop isolated on white | Image Credit: © Andrey Kuzmin -
Measuring the Effects of Dirt in the Gas Chromatography System

October 4th 2023

Abstract transparent hydrogen H2 molecules on blue background, clean energy or chemistry concept | Image Credit: © Shawn Hempel -
Health and Safety Concerns of Hydrogen Use with Gas Chromatography

October 1st 2023

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