Javier González-Sálamo | Authors


Nanomaterials Have Come to Stay: An Overview of their Use as Sorbents in Sample Preparation

A simple, fully-automated method is proposed to analyze extractables and leachables-compounds that are released from packing materials into drugs during storage-using SPME-GC×GC–MS. This method avoids the use of sample preparation solvents and reduces sample handling, and is ideal for routine use in quality control.

Magnetic Nanoparticles for Solid-Phase Extraction

Magnetic nanoparticles (m-NPs) are becoming important in analytical chemistry as sorbents in dispersive solid-phase extraction (d-SPE) because they simplify the extraction process and save time as a result of their isolation from the sample matrix by an external magnetic field. Many synthetic processes have been developed to fabricate these nanomaterials and an additional coating step is usually included at the end of the synthesis to improve their stability and to avoid the formation of agglomerates. A wide variety of coatings have been used for this purpose to improve selectivity. This manuscript provides an overview of the different synthesis methods, coatings, and applications of m-NPs as sorbents in d-SPE.