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Automated Extraction Technique for Improved Recovery of Phenols

Dionex has developed a new standard for flow-through solvent extraction which allows accelerated solvent extraction (ASE®) of matrices that have undergone acid or alkaline pretreatment or digestion. The new ASE 150 and ASE 350 systems use extraction cells and post-cell solvent pathways constructed of Dionium™ material. This pH-hardened substance resists corrosion under acidic or alkaline conditions used in standard pretreatments, widening the scope of ASE applications and significantly expanding its capabilities.

Rapid Determination of Azo Dyes from Textile Samples Using Dionex ASE and U3000 HPLC-UV Instruments with MSQ Plus Detection

Azo dyes are used widely in the manufacture of various consumer goods such as leather, textiles, plastics, paper, hair care products, and cosmetics. On September 11, 2003, the European Union enacted European Parliament Directive 2002/61/EC, prohibiting the manufacture and sale of consumer goods containing specified azo dyes (1). The azo dyes of concern are those that can be reduced to aromatic amines. There are 22 aromatic amines classified as carcinogenic or potentially carcinogenic to humans.