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Optimizing SEC for Protein Characterization

The ability of size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) to measure critical protein characteristics, such as molecular weight and size, makes the technique valuable from the early stages of novel protein research and development through to formulation and manufacturing support, especially in oligomeric purity and aggregation studies. However, informational output, ease of analysis, and sample requirements all vary considerably depending on whether a system has been truly optimized for protein characterization. This article examines how SEC works and considers how to maximize the productivity, sensitivity, and value of an SEC setup for biopharmaceutical development.

"Critical to Quality" Measurements of Protein Aggregation in Biopharmaceuticals

In biopharmaceutical development the stability of biological molecules in drug formulations is important. This article describes three different approaches to the measurement and quantification of aggregates in protein solutions, and highlights the range of information that each technique can provide about the sample.