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High-Throughput, Routine, and Comprehensive Proteome Analysis

See how the µPAC™ capLC LC–MS column can help increase sample throughput, and at the same time maintain the highest separation efficiency and sensitivity.

Glycosylation Analysis of Therapeutic Enzymes Using µPAC™ capLC–MS

See how the µPAC™ capLC LC–MS columns can contribute in the characterization of the glycosylation pattern of therapeutic enzymes.

µPAC™ Flex iON Connect ESI-MS Interface

Learn how to simplify the connectivity from your µPAC™ column to your mass spectrometer, with Nanospray Flex source. Only two connections, from column to emitter.

Improving Omics LC–MS Sensitivity and Robustness

The µPAC™ GEN2 nanoLC columns are specifically designed to further improve your LC–MS results. More IDs and higher reproducibility for more confidence in your data.

Pushing LC–MS Towards Single-Cell Analysis

The µPAC™ Limited Sample Amount column is designed for ultrahigh sensitive separation performance for the smallest sample amounts, typically less than 20 ng of content.

Peptide Sample Enrichment Using µPAC™ Trapping Columns

Learn about the µPAC™ trapping columns, and see how they can help sample preconcentration in nanoLC–MS. Pick your preferred workflow, forward or backflush, and run.