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Separation Science: The State Of The Art

Monday, October 18, 2021, 08:00 AM EDT What are the latest cutting-edge trends in separation science? Learn about the latest advances in liquid chromatography, hyphenated techniques, column technology, sample preparation, and important application areas from key opinion leaders in the field.

High-Throughput, Routine, and Comprehensive Proteome Analysis

See how the µPAC™ capLC LC–MS column can help increase sample throughput, and at the same time maintain the highest separation efficiency and sensitivity.

Glycosylation Analysis of Therapeutic Enzymes Using µPAC™ capLC–MS

See how the µPAC™ capLC LC–MS columns can contribute in the characterization of the glycosylation pattern of therapeutic enzymes.

µPAC™ Flex iON Connect ESI-MS Interface

Learn how to simplify the connectivity from your µPAC™ column to your mass spectrometer, with Nanospray Flex source. Only two connections, from column to emitter.