Raquel B.R. Mesquita | Authors


The State of the Art of Flow-Through Solid-Phase Spectrometry

Sample pre-treatment is one of the bottlenecks in analytical chemistry specially when dealing with complex matrices like environmental samples. When performed in a batch mode, sample handling methods are tedious and time consuming. Therefore, the hyphenation of these methods with flow injection techniques yields many advantages. The possibility of automation not only increases the determination rate, but also decreases sample and reagent consumption. As a consequence, analyte separation, enrichment, and elimination of sample matrix becomes possible with an increase in selectivity and sensitivity. This is a significant contribution for the analysis of environmental samples as the analyte is usually present at trace levels in a complex matrix. In this scenario, the state of the art of solid phase spectrometry (SPS) with a focus on the lab-on-valve (LOV) platform is discussed. LOV facilitates the manipulation of bead suspension for SPS with lower reagents consumption and waste production.