2-in-1 Microplate and Small Vial Evaporator

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Courtesy of Organomation.

Courtesy of Organomation.

Organomation's redesigned MICROVAP nitrogen evaporator is now available to laboratories in Europe. With full CE certification and conformity to all EU requirements, the benefits of the sample concentrator that has been loved and trusted by lab techs worldwide can now be enjoyed by all European labs.

The MICROVAP provides an affordable solution for drying down samples in microplates or small volume tubes like GC/autosampler vials and microcentrifuge tubes. It’s designed to significantly increase the evaporation rate of organic solvents ahead of chromatography or mass spectrometry, a common bottleneck in sample prep workflows.

Evaporation is accelerated by a steady stream of nitrogen being blown on the sample’s surface, paired with a gentle heat source. Samples will sit in a secure aluminum heat block that will be custom drilled for the specific tube size being used, ensuring proper heat transfer and efficient evaporation rates.

A uniquely manufactured manifold distributes gas evenly throughout all sample positions to promote uniform evaporation, that can be started or stopped with just one button.

The instrument’s redesigned heat plate is now manufactured in-house by Organomation’s production team, and provides excellent temperature stability at both the low and high ends. The MICROVAP is ideal for those working with organic solvents with a boiling point between 30-130 degrees Celsius. For those who may be working with heat sensitive samples, the unit can also maintain temperatures between 20-25 degrees just to combat the cooling effects that nitrogen blowdown can have on samples.


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