Advances in Gas Chromatography 2023: A Virtual Symposium

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Webinar Date/Time: Wednesday, December 6th, 2023 Morning Session: 12:30pm GMT | 1:30pm CET | 7:30am EST Afternoon Session: 2:50pm GMT | 3:50pm CET | 9:50a

The Chromatographic Society (ChromSoc) and LCGC present a virtual symposium, Advances in Gas Chromatography, exploring the latest developments in gas chromatography, with presentations from leading practitioners and companies involved in this important field.

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Event Overview:

We are pleased to present this special one-day virtual symposium organized by the Chromatographic Society (ChromSoc) in collaboration with LCGC focusing on recent advances in gas chromatography with selected speakers from the recent live event organized by ChromSoc, which was held in the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester.

The first session will include a series of presentations from leading practitioners in the field, followed by an interactive question-and-answer (Q&A) session with the speakers to address audience questions. In the afternoon, leading instrument suppliers will discuss troubleshooting, tips-and-tricks, and applications.
We wish to extend a special thank you to Tony Edge, Tony Taylor and Dan Carrier from ChromSoc for organizing a great programme that highlights the importance of GC.

Who Should Attend
Gas chromatographers who want to keep up to speed with the latest cutting-edge applications using GC and GCXGC and learn about practical solutions on offer from leading practitioners and companies active in GC technology.

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Learn about the latest applications involving GC and GCXGC in practice
  • Learn about the latest technologies and practical solutions offered by leading companies involved in gas chromatography
  • A vital virtual symposium for gas chromatographers to keep up to date with the latest trends.

Event Agenda
Wednesday, December 6th, 2023
Morning Session, 12:30pm GMT | 1:30pm CET | 7:30am EST

12:30pm GMT | 1:30pm CET | 7:30am EST
Introduction from Alasdair Matheson, Editor-in-Chief, LCGC Europe

12:40pm GMT | 1:40pm CET | 7:40am EST
ChromSoc and ISC Reunited, Imagine That
Tony Edge, President of the Chromatographic Society (ChromSoc); The Chromatographic Society (ChromSoc)

12:55pm GMT | 1:55pm CET | 7:55am EST
Helium to Hydrogen: The Analytical Scientist’s Perspective
Paul O’Nion, Senior Associate Principal Scientist; RSSL, UK

1:15pm GMT | 2:15pm CET | 8:15am EST
2D-GC–TOF(MS) Used in the Analysis of Extractables and Leachables from Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials and Medical Devices
Nick Morley, Principal Scientist; Element Materials Technology

1:35pm GMT | 2:35pm CET | 8:35am EST
Basics of LPGC/Vacuum GC for Fastest Possible GC Analysis Using the MS Detector
Jaap de Zeeuw, CEO ; CreaVisions, GC consultancy, training and creative problem solution, The Netherlands

1:55pm GMT | 2:55pm CET | 8:55am EST
Aroma and Fragrance Analysis: Comparing GC×GC–MS and GC–MS
Tatiana Cucu, Group Leader; RIC group, Belgium

2:15pm GMT | 3:15pm CET | 9:15am EST
Breath Biopsy Using Accurate Mass GC
Dr. Mohammad Alkaseem, Senior Analytical Research and Development Scientist; Owlstone Medical

2:35pm GMT | 3:35pm CET | 9:35am EST
Live Q&A discussion with our featured speakers from today's morning session, answering questions from the audience.

Afternoon Session, 2:50pm GMT | 3:50pm CET | 9:50am EST
2:50pm GMT | 3:50pm CET | 9:50am EST
Applications, Tips, and Best Practices from Our Sponsors
Leading instrument suppliers give educational 20-minute talks addressing applications, tips, and best practices.

2:50pm GMT | 3:50pm CET | 9:50am EST
A Paradigm Shift for Flow Modulated GCxGC
John Hayes, Separation Science Product Manager; LECO

3:10pm GMT | 4:10pm CET | 10:10am EST
Modulation Matters: Improving Productivity and Performance in Thermally Modulated GC×GC
Laura McGregor, Product Marketing Manager; SepSolve Analytical

3:30pm GMT | 4:30pm CET | 10:30am EST
Hydrogen Carrier Gas for Fast GC
Dr. Ed Connor, Product Manager; Peak Scientific

3:50pm GMT | 4:50pm CET | 10:50am EST
Quantitative Analysis of Microplastics in Shellfish using Pyrolysis-GC–MS
Karen Sam, Lab Manager; CDS Analytical

4:10pm GMT | 5:10pm CET | 11:10am EST
Reshaping Gas Chromatography with the New Brevis GC-2050
Alan Owens, GC and GCMS Product Manager; Shimadzu Scientific Instruments


Nick Morley
Principal Scientist
Element Materials Technology

Jaap de Zeeuw
CreaVisions, GC consultancy, training and creative problem solution, The Netherlands

Tatiana Cucu
Group Leader
RIC group, Belgium

Dr. Mohammad Alkaseem
Senior Analytical Research and Development Scientist
Owlstone Medical

John Hayes
Separation Science Product Manager

Laura McGregor
Product Marketing Manager
SepSolve Analytical

Dr. Ed Connor
Product Manager
Peak Scientific

Karen Sam
Lab ManagerCDS Analytical

Alan Owens
GC and GCMS Product Manager
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

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