Certification for Liquid Flowmeters

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Conformity or Calibration – which certification tech note.

Conformity or Calibration – which certification tech note.

TESTA Analytical offers a choice of certification services to demonstrate the reliability and quality of each Liquid Chromatography flowmeter or microflowmeter it delivers to a customer lab.

All flowmeters come with a free Certificate of Conformity demonstrating compliance of each individual device with the company’s published performance specifications. This certification is typically sufficient for any application involving constant monitoring of flow rate.

For labs looking to validate or certify the performance of a pump within its range of operation this requires the use of flowmeters which are themselves validated. For this TESTA Analytical offers a traceable calibration service for its range of flowmeters. Traceable to known reference or standard, each Certificate of Calibration certifies that a 10-point calibration protocol has been undertaken covering the full range of operation for a supplied flowmeter.

In regulated labs, traceable calibrations often require re-validation on an annual basis. Traceable calibration provides increased confidence in your obtained results and therefore in any validation based upon these results.

Both certificates play vital roles in quality assurance and are essential for maintaining consistent and reliable flow rate measurement.

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