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LCGC Europe

LCGC Europe, LCGC Europe-09-01-2008, Volume 21, Issue 9
Pages: 476

Metabolomics resource; Agilent updates electronic notebook; On-line chromatography training; Add-on PC ports

Metabolomics resource

An on-line resource centre for metabolomics researchers has been launched by Thermo Fisher Science. This website provides tools and technical advice to help scientists working in this constantly evolving area to tap into the company's expertise.

The site is aimed at laboratory managers, instrument users and research scientists. Users can access application notes, scientific posters, technical guides, webinars and articles from leading researchers in agriculture, environmental toxicology, disease, nutrition, micro-organisms and lipidomics.

The website also features information on integrated solutions for sample preparation, chromatography, mass spectrometry (MS) and analytical software in metabolomics applications. Users can also obtain news and upcoming events and receive an e-newsletter with regular industry updates.


Agilent updates electronic notebook

The manual ordering of analytical work and the related interdepartmental communication flow is major bottleneck in many labs. Version 3.5 of Agilent's Kalabie electronic lab notebook contains an Analytical Request Manager module that allows this procedure to be handled electronically to streamline the workflow cycle in less time, according to Agilent.

Kalabie ELN 3.5 also works with with Agilent's OpenLAB Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. OpenLAB ECM integrates electronic information from instruments, local data systems and laboratory electronic information into a secure, searchable, archivable system.

Agilent has also designed new User Rights Management functionality into the Kalabie ELN, allowing administrators to control who can access specific information. A contract research organization (CRO), for example, can maintain secure walls between teams working on different customer projects.

The notebook can also integrate with the Accelrys/Scitegic Pipeline Pilot, scientific data integration, analysis and reporting system to essentially become a data source for Pipeline Pilot protocols, which allows the retrieval, merging and analysis of data from Kalabie ELN across the entire enterprise.

Version 3.5 of the notebook can also integrate with the Accelrys/Scitegic Pipeline Pilot, scientific data integration, analysis and reporting system to become a data source for Pipeline Pilot protocols.

As well as the basic Kalabie ELN, there are industry-specific versions for biology, medicinal chemistry, process development, dermo-cosmetics and other specialized applications.

On-line chromatography training

Chromedia is a subscription-based site that contains training information for beginners and advanced users in the separation sciences. The site originates from an idea by two leading lights from the world of chromatography: Peter Schoenmakers and Hans-Gerd Janssen, and now boasts an impressive team of separation scientists who want to make their expertise available on-line.

The site is divided into Topic Circles which are hosted by experts in their respective fields. Topics include all the main branches of chromatography plus specific application areas. including food and pesticide analysis, as well information on troubleshooting, method development and statistics. Interesting visual animations are used to illustrate complex chromatographic concepts. Hands-on tools such as the "Chromatogram generator" can be downloaded from the site.

Chromedia is a novel tool for education, training and can save management and teachers valuable time, according to the publishers. They can either select and bundle the chapters' bookmarks to build custom training courses, allow students to search for the information they want, while scientists working in the laboratory can search for details on specific techniques and methods.

Add-on PC ports

Most laboratories use several instruments with various interfaces for direct control and data acquisition. Problems can occur if any these interfaces cannot be accessed by the company's PC system.

The MultiCOM device from DataApex connects to a USB port and extends a PC by six Com ports (RS232). It is simple-to-use, according to the manufacturers, and has a metallic body for high durability. The instrument has signal LEDs to indicate the current state of the communication on each port and label areas for notes, for example, COM number or device name. DataApex provides a line of hardware accessories that can be used alone or with Clarity chromatography software.