Micro-Furnace Pyrolysis: Leading the Way in Material Characterization


Rojin Belganeh (Technical Director of Frontier Lab Americas, Frontier Laboratories) and Dr. Ichi Watanabe (President, Frontier Laboratories) discuss micro-furnace pyrolysis and how this technique impacts the lab.

At the 2023 Gulf Coast Conference (GCC), LCGC spoke with Rojin Belganeh and Dr. Ichi Watanabe about the problems Micro-Furnace Pyrolysis can solve. Learn more about:

  • What is Micro-Furnace Pyrolysis-GC/MS
  • What sets Micro-Furnace pyrolyzer technology apart from filament pyrolyzer
  • What are the analytical applications of Micro-Furnace Pyrolysis-GC/MS
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