Navigating the Ongoing Helium Carrier-Gas Shortage

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Tuesday, June 14th, 2022 at 2:00pm EDT|11am PDT|7pm BST|8pm CEST The stresses of helium shortages are back. What can you do to reduce the impact on your lab? Switching to hydrogen or nitrogen carrier gas for your gas chromatography operations can offer relief. Here’s what to consider.

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Event Overview:

Gas chromatography (GC) grade helium carrier gas pricing and availability continue to be driven by volatile market supply and demand factors. Laboratory helium users have little to no influence in this market, so what can they do to ensure a continuous qualified gas supply? This webinar will discuss the use and effects of hydrogen or nitrogen carrier gas, how to source them reliably, and how to reduce overall gas consumption in the laboratory.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • How to ensure a continuous qualified gas supply in the context of a volatile market
  • The use and effects of hydrogen or nitrogen carrier gas for gas chromatography
  • How to source hydrogen or nitrogen carrier gas reliable
  • How to reduce overall gas consumption in the laboratory.

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone working in a laboratory using gas chromatography
  • Laboratory managers

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John Hinshaw, PhD
Senior Scientist and Engineer

John Hinshaw, PhD, is the former editor of the “GC Connections” column LCGC, serving in that rolefor over 32 years, covering separation fundamentals, column care, instrument troubleshooting, and many other topics. The first "GC Troubleshooting" column appeared in September 1987 in Volume 5 of LCGC.From then through the end of 2028, John wrote or co-authored approximately six installments per year. John is one of the premier experts on gas chromatography active in the field today. He received a PhD in Analytical Chemistry in Charlie Lochmüller's research group at Duke University, working in capillary GC chiral-phase separations. After a four-year stint in GC column and instrument research at Varian, he worked at PerkinElmer corporation for sixteen years, as the GC Applications Manager at the start of "GC Troubleshooting" and then as the Worldwide GC Engineering Manager and as a Senior Scientist. In 2002 he moved back to the West coast to Portland, Oregon, for a startup company called Serveron, where he developed GC-based online monitoring systems. He is currently a Senior Scientist and Engineer with Serveron where his work has taken him into the light of spectroscopic applications, Still active in the chromatography world, John is a member ofLCGC'seditorial advisory board, the Chair of ASTM Committee E13.19 on Chromatography, and a working member of the USP Chemical Analysis Expert Committee, as well as an avid 12-time marathoner.

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