Polymer-based size exclusion column

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The Shodex OHpak LB-800 series is designed as a polymer- based size exclusion column. According to the companv, the LB column series is suitable for the separations of various water-soluble high molecular weight biological macromolecules such as proteins, and oligomers, as well as analysis of high molecular weight water soluble such as polyacrylamide and polyimides.

The base material of the LB series are spherical porous particles of polyhydroxymethacrylate, providing low column bleeding which allows its use with light scattering detectors, such as MALS. The LB series eluent can also be replaced with DMF, enabling the analysis of polar polymers. The LB series fulfills USP-NF, L38, and L39 requirements. The Shodex OHpak LB-800 series is a SEC column with wide variety of applications.

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