The PIC Solution 2nd Annual Supercritical Fluid Separations Forum



Wed, Sep 7, 2022 11:00 AM EDT Join PIC Solution, a global manufacturer of supercritical fluid technologies for CO2 separation (SFC) and CO2 extraction (SFE), for its 2nd Annual Supercritical Fluid Separations Forum. PIC Solution has more than 18 years of experience providing eco-sustainable solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, and this forum will feature speakers from PIC Solution users at Merck & Co. as well as Abbvie Inc.

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Event Overview:

The PIC Solution 2nd Annual Supercritical Fluid Separations Forum provides a unique opportunity to discuss advances in the next generation of eco-sustainable CO2 separation (SFC) and extraction (SFE) technologies. PIC Solution brings together SFC thought leaders to demonstrate the critical roles of SFC and SFE in the isolation of chiral and achiral small molecules, peptides, and natural products. Technology enhancements to optimize instrument performance, increase throughput, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact also will be covered. Some key features of this forum include:

  • Guest presentations from leading pharmaceutical companies like Abbvie and Merck & Co.
  • New and emerging applications for SFC and SFE
  • Live question and answer session

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Address new applications of SFC in pharmaceuticals and natural products
  • Learn why supercritical fluids are optimal for large-scale separations
  • Understand how to improve throughput and reduce costs with SFC and SFE
  • Get up to date on frontier applications of SFC

Who Should Attend:

This forum is best suited for scientists and managers at all levels involved in drug discovery, food industry, perfume & fragrance production, and natural products research. Associates from the pharmaceutical or biotechnology sector, as well as investors and those in academia, would derive benefit from attending.

Dr. Lisa Schaffter is a Research Fellow working at Abbvie Bioresearch Center in Worcester, MA., where she leads an analytical team specializing in chiral and achiral analytical and preparative separations and structural analysis support for immunology small molecule drug discovery projects. Her expertise includes MS structural analysis and a diverse array of separations techniques including analytical and preparative normal and reverse phase HPLC/MS, SFC/MS, EFLC and 2-dimensional HPLC. Dr. Schaffter earned her doctoral degree in analytical chemistry in 1994 from Texas A&M University working with Dr. David H. Russell studying ionization mechanisms for MALDI-MS. Dr. Schaffter has spent her industrial career championing integrated analytical teams in medicinal chemistry groups both at Astrazeneca from 1994-2004 and since she joined Abbvie in 2004, consistently demonstrating that this approach provides flexibility in tailoring strategic technology development to support projects and shared commitment to goals and priorities.

Dr. Gerard Rosse is the Vice President at PIC Solution, Inc. and also serves as President at Arrival Discovery LLC. He is a distinguished scientist and manager in medicinal chemistry, laboratory automation, and computational sciences for the pharma industry. Prior, he functioned in scientific and management positions in medicinal chemistry with Dart NeuroScience, Cephalon, Sanofi, and Hoffman-La Roche. During his >20 years in industry, he led multidisciplinary teams and invented pre-clinical candidates for CNS, inflammation, metabolism, oncology, and antibacterial agent indications. Dr. Rosse’s career is also characterized by the implementation of intelligent laboratory automation platforms using supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) for the manufacturing of small molecules. His current focus is on the development of novel instrumentation and methodologies for using CO2 in extraction and purification at research, pilot, and industrial scale. He recently edited a two-volume book on applications of SFC in life sciences. Dr. Rosse received his PhD in chemistry from the University of Basel in Switzerland and carried out postdoctoral training at Stanford University.

Jimmy DaSilva obtained his BA Degree in Chemistry from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ in 2000. He has been with Merck & Co., Inc. since 2002. He is a member of the Method Screen and Purification Group under Erik Regalado. He is a subject matter expert in the field of supercritical fluid chromatography. He has worked with Berger, Thar, Waters, Agilent, Jasco, Shimadzu, and PIC to advance SFC technology.

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