Toxicology Screening using High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Forensic Cases


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Learn how forensic and crime laboratories are keeping up with novel psychoactive substances and the constantly changing illicit drug scene using high-resolution mass spectrometry and state-of-the-art informatics. Live: Tuesday, Jun. 11 2020 at 11am EDT | 8am PDT | 4pm BST | 5pm CEST On demand available after final airing until Jun. 11, 2021

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Event Overview:
With more than 800 novel psychoactive substances, so-called designer drugs, emerging over the last 10 years, forensic laboratories must detect a wider range of drugs and keep up with a constantly changing drug scene. Non-targeted screening by high resolution mass spectrometry enables the detection of known and “unknown” drugs. 

Key Learning Objectives:

  • How high resolution mass spectrometry is used in forensic laboratories for comprehensive drug screening

  • How informatics workflows enable the detection of both illicit and prescription drugs as well as novel psychoactive substances

  • The advantages of using high resolution mass spectrometry in a forensic laboratory

Speaker: Vincent Di Fazio, MSc, Forensic Toxicologist, National Institute of Criminalistics and Criminology

Time and Date: Thursday, Jun. 11, 2020 at 2pm SGT | 3pm JST | 3pm KST | 4pm AEST

Sponsor: Waters Corporation

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