B.K. Kempegowda | Authors


Analyzing Trace Levels of Carbon Tetrachloride in a Drug Substance by Headspace GC with Flame Ionization Detection

A simple and accurate method for determining trace level of carcinogenic solvent carbon tetra chloride (CCl4) in Flunixin Meglumine, a drug substance which is white crystalline powder was developed by Gas chromatography .The method was observed to be robust and complete analytical method validation was performed and meets the requirements as per ICH guidelines. The method possesses the lowest detection level when compared with other methods currently available. The LOQ achieved by this method was 0.8 ppm and calibration curves were linear, R >0.998.In general, for analysis of halogenated compounds electron capture detector (ECD) were mostly used and in this proposed method flame ionization detector (FID) with internal standard was used. The method was implemented for various Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) successfully.